The Christchurch man left to raise 5 siblings

The Christchurch man left to raise 5 siblings

Just imagine – you're 18, your parents are killed in a tragic accident and there are five younger siblings now counting on you to be their dad, their mum, their everything.

That was the dire situation Christchurch lad Toshi Owen found himself in nine years ago. Charlene and Hayden Owen were killed in a motorcycle accident in Lewis Pass, in November 2006.

Wyatt was, still is, the youngest – the baby of the family, at just seven years old when his parents were killed. Toshi was 18 back then, the eldest.

So how did Toshi get on?  Did he keep the family together? What are they all up to now?

Story paid them all a visit.

Watch the video for the full report.

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