'Wise old heads' wrong about Corbyn

  • 14/09/2015
Chris Trotter (Paul Henry)
Chris Trotter (Paul Henry)

There are rumblings of a party split in the United Kingdom after radical left-winger Jeremy Corbyn won Britain's Labour leadership contest in a landslide victory.

Several senior Labour politicians have already resigned, and some MPs announced they would not be able to serve in his shadow cabinet.

Political commentator Chris Trotter told the Paul Henry programme he followed the race with "immense interest".

"It was clear if you just look at the bookies, who are always very ruthless political analysts… if you looked at that you could see he was going to win," he says.

"[Almost] 60 percent of the vote, I wasn't expecting that. Some wise old heads were saying he could go as high as 54, well on the night it was just a runway win."

Watch the video for the full interview with Chris Trotter.