All Blacks: What's in a name?

All Blacks: What's in a name?

It's rumoured the Australians are refusing to call the All Blacks, 'the All Blacks'. Instead, they're referring to them as the 'New Zealand team'.

It is a tactic that has been tried before to nullify the fear of stern opposition but with questionable success.

Psychologist Sara Chatwin says it is not a strategy she would choose herself.

"I think potentially the Australians might have taken this on board to demystify the All Blacks, to disempower them and to take some of their greatness away from them."

In 2005, Lions coach Sir Clive Woodward tried to demystify the All Blacks by referring to them as 'New Zealand'.

"If we look at the All Blacks and their performance throughout this World Cup, they have been very pragmatic. I do not think the All Blacks are that concerned by what their opponents are doing at this point," says Ms Chatwin.

So how much do teams rely on psychology and how much is just playing mind games with the opposition?

Ms Chatwin believes the coaches and psychologists will be focusing on team cohesion and fitness rather than putting their time into something which sounds like a Game of Thrones episode.

But do the All Blacks get a boost from their aura and mystique? Either way, it has made everyone sit up and listen.