Best BBQ buys for summer

  • 28/10/2015
Sue Chetwin (Paul Henry)
Sue Chetwin (Paul Henry)

Barbeque season is upon us so what's hot and what's not.

Consumer NZ chief executive Sue Chetwin joined Paul Henry in the studio to discuss buying a barbeque.

BBQ checklist:

Size - the bigger the barbeque the more food you can cook. But you'll need somewhere to store it and make sure you have a cover.  

Stability - make sure it doesn't rock. If you want to take it camping, make sure it has detachable legs. 

Igniters - Piezo or batter igniters are easy and safe. More expensive models have an igniter for each burner.

Grills and hotplates - you probably need both. Grills are for sausages and other meat, while the hotplate is for eggs and onions.

Fat Trap - make sure it has a fat trap and that it's easy to get at to empty.

Hoods - makes it easy to roast and keep in smoky flavours. Flat lids make good wind resistors. Hood handles should be heat resistant.

Mobility - the bigger the wheels, the easier it will be to push. Make sure castors are lockable.

Burner metal - the heavier the metal gauge, the longer the burners will last. Stainless steel or cast iron is the best.

Gas injectors - compare different models. Small injectors will have low output and the area won't get hot enough and what they're made of affects how long they last.

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