Countdown takes out top sausage

  • 22/10/2015
Kerry Tyack (Paul Henry)
Kerry Tyack (Paul Henry)

The Devro New Zealand Sausage Competition was held on October 21 and it was taken out by Countdown's Alpine Pork sausage.

Head judge of this year’s Devro New Zealand Sausage Competition, Kerry Tyack, says the quality of the sausages that are produced improves every year.

“Kiwis have definitely mastered the art of amazing sausages. There’s no better way to kick start the summer than by celebrating the craft of those passionate and knowledgeable about sausages,” he says.

Last year’s Supreme Award winner with a beef and blue cheese sausage, Paddy Kennedy from Allenton Meat Centre, says winning the competition has increased the number of sausages sold exponentially.

“Our overall retail is up big time – we went into sausage overload making more sausages than we ever would have thought. We are still making ten times more sausages than we were prior to last year’s competition,” he says.

A versatile ingredient, the sausage can be used in many different ways. To name a few – barbecued, fried, curried, made into Toad in the Hole, in pastas, devilled, made into sausage rolls and hot dogs.

Watch the video for the full segment.