Government action needed to curb alcohol harm

  • 29/10/2015
Sally Casswell (Paul Henry)
Sally Casswell (Paul Henry)

The Global Alcohol Policy Conference took place in Edinburgh, Scotland where experts analysed how laws can change drinking habits. 

Massey University professor Sally Casswell attended the conference - she says marketing and pricing are huge influencers, and the Government should be taking a harder line.

She says the Government has a weak plan in place, mainly leaving the problems in the hands of local communities.

While acknowledging that alcohol can bring enjoyment to people, professor Casswell thinks policy can make a huge difference and lawmakers need to step up.

It's estimated that between 600 and 800 people in New Zealand die each year from alcohol-related causes.

Nearly half of the alcohol consumed in New Zealand is consumed in heavier drinking occasions, more than 8 drinks for men, and 6 for women.

A 2009 study estimated harmful alcohol use cost New Zealand $4.9 billion in the 2005/06 year.

Recently a committee chaired by Graeme Lowe recommended a ban on marketing and sponsorship for sporting events.

This was turned down by the Government.

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