How do the ABs fare against our old foe?

  • 26/10/2015
How do the ABs fare against our old foe?

By Sarah Stewart

Who cares about who invented the pavlova, jandals or thongs? Russell Crowe? Australia can have him.

But when it comes to Trans-Tasman rugby rivalry – that's something Kiwis do care about quite a lot.

It's simple. All we have to do is beat the Aussies.

Each side is playing their fourth World Cup final and chasing a third win.

For rugby, we are the favourites, but history is not on our side.

In three match-ups, Australia has knocked us out of two World Cups – in 1991 and 2003.

We got it back in 2011 and it was fantastic.

In Rugby World Cup history, no-one has ever defended a title and the Wallabies have not been defeated on British soil.

But there's a first time for everything, right?

Story takes a closer look at our chances against our old foe.

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