Kids and chores: what's reasonable?

Kids and chores: what's reasonable?

It can be a hotly debated topic in households and it's something all parents have to deal with - how to get kids to help out around the house?

Should they get paid? Should they get rewards? Or should they simply do it because you ask? At what age can you start asking kids to do housework?

When we asked our viewers on Facebook, we received a range of responses.

"We have set chores in the house that everyone's expected to do. Each child starts the week with $5 and money is deducted for poor attitude, moaning about jobs or not pulling their weight," says Amber.

Another parent, Amy, says "Our kids are expected to participate in keeping the family home tidy for us all to use. I don't pay them for it, but we show our appreciation in different ways."

Story looks into how different families approach this and we would be very interested to hear how you approach this in your home. You can email us on

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