Loophole in gun laws needs to close

Loophole in gun laws needs to close

Story was able to obtain a rifle, but it should not have been able to happen and it was too easy to get.

There is a serious weakness in the gun laws that should be closed.

A mail order form was printed off the gun dealer's website. A fake name and gun license number was used, and the form was not taken to a police station.

The form was sent to Gun City and on the same day, Story received a call.

Two phone calls happened, but information was not checked either time.

A few days later, a parcel arrived.

Story wants to stress that someone with a current firearms license was nearby who took possession of the rifle. It was locked away in a steel cabinet as the law requires.

Gun City is taking a private prosecution against Story and does not believe criminals exploit this weakness, so think nothing needs to change. However, they have admitted they will make changes.

Police Association President Greg O'Connor thinks mail ordering is making criminals' access to guns worse.

Fifty-eight firearms have been seized from offenders by police in just the last seven weeks.

Mr O'Connor believes it will cost lives unless the rules are tightened.

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