Make sure your family’s finances are secure

  • 15/10/2015
Make sure your family’s finances are secure

AMP's advice and sales director Blair Vernon says trauma insurance is the best way to make sure your family's lifestyle is secure in case you get sick or injured.

He says the three main health issues covered are cancer, stroke and heart attack.

"I think of it as a pre-purchase of dignity. These ailments don't happen to just old people."

Every day across the country 60 people get diagnosed with cancer, 24 have a stroke and St John treat six people for cardiac arrest.

Blair says no matter how fit and healthy you are there's always the possibility of a serious health problem.

"Everyone thinks they are bullet proof. A lot of people have life insurance but it's the living and surviving that can be difficult."

He says the best thing to do is to get expert advice, do the maths and find the right cover for you.

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