Monitoring bracelet breach latest in string of escapes

Monitoring bracelet breach latest in string of escapes

Yet another offender has removed his electronically monitored bracelet and gone on the run.

The 21-year-old man disappeared from an address in the Bay of Plenty town of Te Teko where he was on home detention.

But perhaps the worst thing about this story is it's likely none of it would have come out through official sources if we hadn't discovered it.

This breach is the latest in a string of similar escapes and raises further questions over whether the public is being property protected.

We asked Corrections for an interview but it sent us a statement instead, saying it can't tell us any more at this stage as the offender may face court charges.

"The person who tampered with his bracelet was serving a sentence of home detention for one and a half months," says central regional commissioner Terry Buffery.

"A tamper alert was triggered at the time of removal and security staff responded within agreed time frames.

"When he's apprehended he will be held to account and may face court charges."

The offender has now been apprehended.

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