Moon colony looming over the horizon

  • 29/10/2015
Steve Pointing (Paul Henry)
Steve Pointing (Paul Henry)

European and Russian space agencies are working together to send a lander to the Moon that could help pave the way for a permanent lunar settlement.

The mission, called Luna 27, is due to launch in 5 years.

The ultimate aim is permanent human colonization of the Moon, planned to start in 5 years.

The base could support up to 10,000 people and will act as a testing ground for future colonisation of Mars.

The structures will be built with a 3D printer, first a lander would deploy an inflatable shell, rovers would then build a solid roof over the shell.

To build above ground means tackling radiation and resourcing challenges, another option might be to go below ground.

AUT ecoloy professor Steve Pointing spoke to Paul Henry about the grand scheme.

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