New driver safety video 'a step in the right direction'

  • 30/09/2015
Kevin Bowler (Paul Henry)
Kevin Bowler (Paul Henry)

The tourism industry believes a road safety video starring a popular Chinese actor is a step in the right direction.

The short clip will play on some international flights and features A-list Chinese actor Huang Lei, who has more than 20 million followers on social media.

Tourism New Zealand chief executive Kevin Bowler hopes to roll out campaigns that clearly identify what is different on New Zealand roads compared to other countries.

"Even for Australians they're not used to snow and ice, they're not used to our winding roads, and often they don't allow enough time for their journeys," he told the Paul Henry programme today.

Messages in the video include pulling over to take photos.

Watch the video for the full interview with Kevin Bowler.