Niue: A fragile paradise fighting back

Niue: A fragile paradise fighting back

Twenty-four-thousand Niueans live in New Zealand.

Seventeen-hundred Niueans live in Niue.

You might think that fact tells you all you need to know about Niue – it's a Pacific Island struggling to retain its own people.

Although that may be true, the traffic is not all one-way either.

The elders call it 'Nuku Tu Taha', which means 'the island that stands alone'.

But while the faith is strong and the scenery is breathtaking, it is a fragile paradise.

With a GDP of around $30 million, Niue is heavily reliant on foreign aid from countries like New Zealand.

Their biggest problem is not enough people live there and the villages, filled with derelict houses, stand as lonely reminders of generations lost.     

Story investigates how they are increasing their tourist numbers and facing the challenges of the island with hidden charms.

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