Second time lucky for airline founder?

  • 27/10/2015
Second time lucky for airline founder?

By Ryan Bridge

Airlines can be sexy – Richard Branson has one and so did Donald Trump.

It's a notoriously difficult industry to survive in and for one guy, he's getting one off the ground for the second time.

Ewan Wilson is the founder of Kiwi Regional Airlines.

Millions of dollars and a lot of work have gone into this venture and while airlines might be a sexy industry, it's a risky business.

Especially with Air New Zealand in the mix – they are incredibly aggressive.

Air New Zealand flies between the main centres and between the main centres and regions.

Kiwi Air will only fly between smaller regions.

But it is important to note Mr Wilson has started an airline before. Last time, it failed.

Kiwi Travel International collapsed in 1996, leaving passengers stranded on both sides of the Tasman and landing Mr Wilson on the wrong side of the law.

He ended up being convicted on four counts of fraud.

After leaving the business $8 million in debt 20 years ago, Mr Wilson is not without his critics this time around.

Story went to meet the entrepreneur and his remarkable comeback where he is now employing 60 people.

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