Seymour’s voluntary euthanasia Bill 'damn good'

  • 15/10/2015
Peter Brown
Peter Brown

A Bill legalising voluntary euthanasia was introduced to the ballot yesterday by ACT leader David Seymour, and a former MP whose similar Bill was defeated says it's got a better chance than his.

Former New Zealand First MP Peter Brown proposed a similar Bill in 2003, and while his attempt to get it passed narrowly failed, he says Mr Seymour's Bill should have a better chance of getting through.

Although at first he thought the Bill was "a bit bureaucratic" he now believes it is "a damn good Bill".

"I think [Mr Seymour] has stumbled on something that wasn't in my Bill that makes it more practical. There's one or two clauses that I would like to see amended or strengthened perhaps but by and large it's good," says Mr Brown.

Watch the video for full interview with Peter Brown.