Social media detox making teens thrive

  • 28/10/2015
Dean Lawrence (Paul Henry)
Dean Lawrence (Paul Henry)
Spirit of Adventure Trust CEO Dean Lawrence joined Paul Henry to tell us about how the modern teenager benefits from a 10 day cell phone/technology detox.

The Spirit of adventure is a youth development programme - its flagship course is the 10 day adventure with 40 teens. 

Each day the kids wake at 6am and get the ship, the spirit of New Zealand, ready for sailing.

Dean says some kids adjust immediately, some take 3-5 days to adjust to the lack of social media.

Once they have accepted and engaged then they tend to forget about it altogether.

Those that are resistant to the course take longer.

The Spirit of Adventure Trust has participated in two independent university research studies demonstrating the effectiveness of our youth development programmes.

They found:

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