TPPA: What do we get and what are we giving?

TPPA: What do we get and what are we giving?

When politicians and bureaucrats call agreements things like a "TPPA" you have really got to wonder why they don't make any effort to make this stuff sound interesting.

After years and years of this stuff, the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement has finally been signed.

New Zealand has made a trade deal with 11 different countries in the Pacific region.

For a deal that's meant to generate $2 trillion in trade across the Pacific, you'd think they'd call it something a bit more appealing.

But to make things a bit easier, Story has gone over the paperwork and summed it up for you. What are we getting out of this? What have been the sacrifices we have had to make? And what do the experts think of the agreement?

Watch the video for the full Story report.

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