Transgender vicar brings her message to NZ

  • 27/10/2015
Sarah Jones (Paul Henry)
Sarah Jones (Paul Henry)

Sarah Jones is in New Zealand to talk about her life as a transgender vicar in the Anglican Church.

Sarah, who is from the UK, was born a male, and lived like that until 1991.

She always had a strong faith, and in 2001 decided to give her life to the church, she was ordained as a deacon in 2004.

The Bishop of Hereford went to the heads of church to fight for Sarah to be allowed to become a fully-fledged priest and although there were many conservative priests against it, in the end they said yes.

However the church made the rule that she must be celibate, which she agreed to but does not agree with.

She obeys the rules as it allows her to live honestly, and to be a role model for other transgender people.

As she puts it, she is sticking to the rules, whilst arguing for change.

Sarah has thought long and hard about how her religion fits with her lifestyle, but believes that there is room for “queer theology” – an acceptance of all sexuality choices within Christianity.

Got to her for more information on where she is speaking in New Zealand.

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