Virtual reality glasses for pocket change

  • 22/10/2015
Vaughn Davis (Paul Henry)
Vaughn Davis (Paul Henry)

Vaughn Davis joined Paul in the studio to talk about the latest tech innovations.

The Google Cardboard is a DIY virtual reality headset which uses your phone to give you an immersive experience which would otherwise cost hundreds of dollars.

Google Cardboard costs about $20 and there’s nothing stopping you cutting one out yourself, but you will need some plastic lenses.

Google has teamed up with the New York Times to create content for the device.

As well as games, developers are working on “virtual field trips” for school students and tourists, letting them explore parts of the world they’d never otherwise get to.

The Muse brain-sensing headset controls your phone with your thoughts.

It senses electromagnetic waves from your brain talks to your phone so apps can do things based on the type and amount of brain activity.

Future developments include using your mind to connect to computers and control everything from turning the lights on to making bionic legs move.

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