YouTube sensation takes on the written word

  • 21/10/2015
Jamie Curry (Paul Henry)
Jamie Curry (Paul Henry)

Kiwi YouTube star Jamie Curry joined Paul Henry to discuss her new book They Let Me Write A Book.

The 19-year-old from Hawke’s Bay began posting videos in 2012 to her channel Jamie’s World, they have been viewed more than 56 million times.

In the book Jamie takes her fans on a journey through her mind and life so far.

The unexpected yet natural birth of her YouTube channel Jamie’s World, getting recognised at a Justin Bieber concert, figuring out how to ‘adult’, 10 ways to hide a double-chin and her cowboy hat years.

It is all told with the same unique and hilarious perspectives people have come to love from Jamie’s World online.

Check out her Facebook page and her YouTube page to see her work.

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