American tourism brings $1b a year to NZ

  • 12/11/2015
American Airlines (3 News)
American Airlines (3 News)

American Airlines has announced it will start flying to New Zealand from June 2016.

The airline plans to offer daily non-stop flights between Los Angeles and Auckland.

Tourism Industry Association Chief Executive Chris Roberts says this will grow the valuable US visitor market, with positive impacts on tourism to NZ.

Mr Roberts spoke to Paul Henry about the benefits American tourism could bring to New Zealand.

“This new Los Angeles-Auckland service will grow the valuable US visitor market and encourage American travellers to see more of New Zealand by offering connections with JetStar’s growing regional network.”

The US tourism market is growing at 11% a year, with 237,000 visitors arriving in the last year.

Their total spending has grown by an estimated 39% to $967 million a year.

“This is the goal of New Zealand’s tourism industry – to grow volume but grow value faster,” Mr Roberts says.

“The US is our third biggest visitor market and they enjoy what we have to offer. Tourism operators around the country will be keen to support this new service with activities and experiences that appeal to North American visitors.”

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