Bionic arm: 3D printing and No 8 wire

Bionic arm: 3D printing and No 8 wire

This story is the result of 3D printing, a helping hand and some number eight wire.

It also involves Gisborne inventor Dave Drummond, who is developing bionic arms he hopes to give away to amputees for free.

It's a lofty goal but he already has a prototype.

Bob – the name of the bionic arm - was printed in just under 48 hours using a design Mr Drummond found online.

It costs around $1000 to make, can lift up to 10 kilograms and has enough battery for seven hours of use.

The original prototype has been enhanced by having a computer installed in the arm which you can use to surf the internet.

The goal is to have users control the arm using their minds, but for now, touch sense are being integrated into the fingers so the hand will have an automatic grip.

Story went to meet the inventor who already has a willing recipient for his big goal.

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