Charlie Sheen revealed as living with HIV

  • 17/11/2015
Charlie Sheen (3 News)
Charlie Sheen (3 News)

Tabloid magazine the National Enquirer has revealed the Hollywood A-lister is living with HIV.

Executive editor Lachlan Cartwright spoke to Paul Henry about the story his team worked on for 18 months.

“There are very serious ramifications for Charlie Sheen because we know he had been sleeping with women in Hollywood and not disclosing his HIV status and that is a crime in California.”

He says he has spoken to four women who say they have had unprotected sex with the actor.

Mr Cartwright says his investigation process involved putting Sheen’s accusers through lie detector tests to verify the story.

Sheen is scheduled to appear on the Today Show in the USA on Tuesday morning (USA time) and he is expected to front up and own up to the HIV diagnosis.

Mr Cartwright says this is an attempt to take back the story and front foot it to stop rumours spreading.