Drive for excitement leads model to the V8s

  • 04/11/2015
Becky Lamb (Paul Henry)
Becky Lamb (Paul Henry)

Becky Lamb is the girlfriend of Fabian Coulthard. She is also a model, former firefighter, and entrepreneur.

Since her time with Fabian she has become a V8 gearhead – she spoke to Paul Henry about the V8 Supercar races this weekend. 

She was a BMX rider when she was a teenager, and is an avid snowboarder.

Having always been interested in new and exciting adventures, Becky started her career as a Fire Fighter with Fire and Rescue New South Wales, and is still in active service today.

It’s something she enjoys more than ever, being a great foundation for grounding.

After becoming so involved in the v8 supercar scene, Becky had a crack at doing commentary in Sept this year. A role she hopes to continue.

Watch the video for the full segment.