Bellydance for Birth in Auckland

  • 12/11/2015
Samar Ciprian (3 News)
Samar Ciprian (3 News)

The first ever Womb Festival is taking place in Auckland this weekend.

The event includes dance, educational workshops, a fairtrade and women's health market, meditation, a prayer circle and Bellydance for Birth Level One Training.

While the emphasis of this weekend is women's health and wellness, there are several events that may be of interest to men and some free events that children can attend. 

Event organiser Samar Ocean Wolf Ciprian joined Paul Henry in the studio to discuss the event.


Bellydance for Birth uses the ancient art of Middle Eastern belly dance as a gentle and empowering birth tool. Through honouring the uterus and going with rather than against the wisdom of the body, this beautiful work is a support for women through pregnancy, labour and beyond. 


Food for Fertility is a workshop based on one woman's journey of recovery from chronic infection, digestive problems and diagnosed infertility due to Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.  You will learn from her personal mistakes and successes, as well as from the insights she gained through experiences with healers and the formal study of Chinese Medicine. 

QOYA ‘You are loved’ workshop

QOYA is movement practice for women combining dance, yoga, sensual movement, ritual and a deep sense of sacred community. QOYA is a party, a pilgrimage, a music festival and a therapy session rolled into one.


Designed to celebrate and support women, this workshop combines theory and practice in the art of connecting with the body and intuition.  The artistic tools that will be used are flower essences and aromatherapy.  Maria will also share the positive experiences she has had with the use of the 'yoni egg', and how crystals are yet another dimension of the Earth's bounty that can be used to support female health. 

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