Godfather of Italian cooking hits NZ

  • 26/11/2015
Antonio Carlucio (Paul Henry)
Antonio Carlucio (Paul Henry)

Born in the province of Salerno, Italy, Antonio Carluccio is a culinary legend - a respected Italian chef, restaurateur and food guru who’s been championing regional Italian food and wine for 50 years.

The 78-year-old founder of Carluccio's and the master of Italian cookery, he’s globally celebrated for his TV programs and 23 books.

He dropped by to talk to Paul Henry about his past, his culinary inspiration and his top five desert island ingredients.

Mr Carluccio is in New Zealand for “A Carluccio Christmas” at Gusto - Sean Connolly’s Federal Street Italian restaurant at the Grand in Auckland.

Antonio Carluccio’s five desert island ingredients:

Watch the video for the full interview.