Is there a challenge ahead for Dotcom's lawyers?

  • 03/11/2015
Chris Gallavin (Paul Henry)
Chris Gallavin (Paul Henry)

Kim Dotcom's lawyers could have a hard road ahead as they fight his extradition to the United States, says a leading law expert.

The internet entrepreneur was indicted three years ago on charges including copyright infringement and fraud.

Massey University law professor Chris Gallavin says the Crown has to prove Dotcom knew he was intentionally providing users with a platform to commit fraud.

"They don't have to prove that he's absolutely guilty, but they have to go along that continuum [in] some way in order to show that there is a reasonable case to answer," Dr Gallavin told the Paul Henry programme today.

"If the judge determines that there is a case to answer then the extradition will be granted and he'll be sent back to the United States."

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