Lomu changed the game forever - Graham Henry

  • 19/11/2015
Jonah Lomu (3 News)
Jonah Lomu (3 News)

Tributes have poured in from all over the world for the late Jonah Lomu.

Sir Graham Henry joined Paul Henry to talk about the life and career of the great winger.

“Jonah was a unique, sensational international rugby player because of his size, speed and skill. He scored tries that no-one else could score," he says.

Henry remembers Lomu as a humble man who could connect with anyone he spoke to.

“I was always blown away by his ability to connect with people. His relationship with his kids was fabulous.”

Henry saw Lomu only a few weeks ago at the Rugby World Cup.

“He was at peace. He was loving his life.”

His former coach says Lomu’s legacy will be felt as long as the game is around.

“He was a big man, he was fast and putting him on the wing was a change for the game.”

Henry remembers Jonah’s fitness was always an issue - when the team would go out on three kilometre runs, the winger was always last.

They had no idea that his illness was the reason.

Watch the video for the full interview with Sir Graham Henry.