Quieter life ahead for Richie McCaw

  • 20/11/2015
Richie McCaw (Photosport)
Richie McCaw (Photosport)

Former All Blacks first-five Grant Fox is picking Richie McCaw to take a complete break from all things to do with rugby after he announced his retirement yesterday.

McCaw's next step is to become a commercial helicopter pilot in Canterbury.

Fox joined Paul Henry in the studio to discuss the possibilities of life after rugby for the former All Black captain.

He says he expects McCaw to happily step away from the spotlight for a while after his "remarkable career".

"When you finish a career of that length you're going to have a sense of loss, it's been such a big part of your life and it's been dominating his life for the last 14 years, now there's another chapter to write."

Watch the video for the full interview with Grant Fox.