Riot police expected at Christmas Island detention centre

  • 10/11/2015
(3 News)
(3 News)

Police are expected to storm the Christmas Island detention centre today after riots there left the detainees in control.

Chaos erupted on the remote island, which is home to many asylum seekers and more than 50 New Zealand detainees, after the death of a refugee over the weekend.

One Kiwi detainee, who wished to be referred to as Ariki, told the Paul Henry programme some are trying to advocate for negotiation before the situation turns violent.

"We have talked to people on the outside that have got us in contact with one of the top lawyers in Australia," he says.

"There are a few guys out there, running around, running amuck, I think. They don't really want to give up this protest."

Authorities at the Serco-managed centre have been urging the detainees to return to their rooms, Ariki says.

"They want to just get the detention centre back to a sort of safe environment. They don't want any violence, they don't want anyone to be hurt."

Meanwhile, Australia's Refugee Action Coalition spokesman Ian Rintoul says the situation at the centre is worrying.

"We are very concerned that the [Australian Federal Police] will use the riot police, that Serco will use its own emergency response team to restore order," he told the Paul Henry programme.

"We've seen what they've done in the past – broken heads, broken hands, broken arms, use of tear gas. We are very concerned."

Watch the video for the full interviews with Ariki and Ian Rintoul.