Sea Shepherd calls for the Navy to deal to Japanese whalers

  • 30/11/2015
Michael Lawry (Paul Henry)
Michael Lawry (Paul Henry)

Environmental Activist group Sea Shepherd has warned Japan against resuming whaling in Antarctic waters.

Japan's decision comes despite an international court of justice ruling last year that the nation cease whaling.

Sea Shepherd's New Zealand director Michael Lawry says his group are looking in the New Year to ramp up their anti-whaling campaigns but claims Japanese ships have warned Sea Shepherd they won't confront their ships, instead run the Sea Shepherd out of fuel.

Mr Lawry is calling on the New Zealand and Australian governments to do more than just condemn Japan's actions.

He says leadership is needed and although he doesn't expect it, he would like the Navy to send a frigate to confront the Japanese whalers.

"Japan needs to move on. The world has moved on. There's laws against this, and Sea Shepherd will be there to stop them."

The country's plans would see almost 4000 minke whales slaughtered over the next 12 years.

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