Secrets to striking it rich online

  • 09/11/2015
Linda Lightman (Linda Lightman)
Linda Lightman (Linda Lightman)

Linda Lightman has made millions selling second hand clothes.

The former lawyer had a lightbulb moment after selling her son's old video games on Ebay.

It turned out she had a flair for online selling - fourteen years on her "Ebay boutique" Linda's Stuff turns over nearly $40 million a year.

We tracked her down in America to see if she can tell us how she did it, and she's here now with her top tips for selling online.

She says most people have $3000 worth of stuff lying around their house which is ready to be sold.

Today her business is based out of a 93,000 square foot office.

Linda's top tips for making money online:

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