Funny moments: list of the most dangerous jobs

  • 11/11/2015
Paul Henry (Paul Henry)
Paul Henry (Paul Henry)

Business Insider has ranked the 27 jobs that are the most damaging to your health.

The study looked at how each job is affected by exposure to contaminants, exposure to disease, exposure to hazardous conditions; exposure to radiation; risk of minor burns, cuts, bites, and stings; and time spent sitting.

24 (tie). Radiologist

24 (tie). Metal-refinging furnace operators and tenders

24 (tie). Embalmers

24 (tie). Elevator installers and repairers

23. Nuclear medicine technologists

22. Refrigeration mechanics and installers

21. Critical care nurses

19 (tie). Service unit operators, oil, gas and mining

19 (tie). Chemical plant and system operators

17 (tie). Emergency medical technicians and paramedics

17 (tie). Continuous mining machine operators

16. Refractory materials repairers

15. Refuse and recyclable material collectors

14. Nuclear equipment operation technicians

12 (tie). Medical equipment preparers

12 (tie). Airline pilots, copilots and flight engineers

11. Oil and gas derrick operators

10. Surgical and medical assistants

9. Stationary engineers and boiler operators

8. Water and wastewater treatment plant operators

7. Histotechnologists

6. Immigration and customs inspectors

5. Podiatrists

4. Veterinarians

3. Anesthesiologists

2. Flight attendants

1. Dentists

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