Why you should hire a hot nanny

  • 17/11/2015
Jacqui Lockington (Paul Henry)
Jacqui Lockington (Paul Henry)

Jacqui Lockington is a working mum.

She works full-time for an advertising agency and juggles life at work with being a mum to two young children, Jack and Sasha.

She spoke to Paul Henry about why you should hire a hot nanny.

Despite headlines being filled with tales of Hollywood husbands having affairs with hot nannys Jacqui says that shouldn’t be a worry for the average dad.

“That’s not the average dad. The average dad is middle aged, a bit balding, a bit thicker round the middle. S hot 20 year old nanny wouldn’t be likely to go with the average dad. You’re interviewing people for jobs and you want the best person for the job.”

Jacqui has just published her first book with co-author, Nat - If Only They'd Told Me.

It's out now and available at PaperPlus, Whitcoulls and amazon.com.

Jacqui trained in journalism in London and worked in radio, newspapers, public relations and advertising before moving to New Zealand where she currently lives with her family.

Watch the video for the full interview with Jacqui.