World's longest waterslide coming back to NZ

  • 05/11/2015
Jimi Hunt (Paul Henry)
Jimi Hunt (Paul Henry)

The world's longest Waterslide will be back in West Auckland from February 12-14, 2016, raising money and awareness for mental health with charity Live More Awesome.

The slide is 600metres - the next longest is 500m.

The slide was first set up earlier this year at Jonkers Farm at Bethells Beach, before the slide was moved to Action Park in New Jersey and officially certified The World's Biggest Waterslide by Guinness World Records in July this year.

The slide will be back at Jonkers Farm in February, with 950 tickets for sale for the three-day event, ensuring that the people that do get to come have a full day of unadulterated sliding fun.

Those who miss out on a ticket can work towards one of 200 golden tickets available for the top fundraisers.

Jimi Hunt and Dan Drupsteen want Kiwis to be known for healthy dialogue about mental health, as well as being the country that owns and enjoys the World's Biggest Waterslide.

The duo are the brains behind the charity Live More Awesome and they have created the waterslide as just one of the many events they do to "live more awesome" and raise money for mental health awareness initiatives.

A 1.8 inch base separates riders from the ground, allowing for no weight restrictions on the waterslide.

The average waterslide takes 10 to 30 seconds to ride but the World's Longest Waterslide is 60 to 90 seconds long.

Go to to buy tickets.