Young Kiwi has the tools to help your business succeed

  • 10/11/2015
Jake Millar (3News)
Jake Millar (3News)

A young Kiwi entrepreneur has created his own world-class business.

Jake Millar's new website, Unfiltered, is an exclusive business education platform dedicated to helping business grow.

It features educational videos with advice from Eric Watson, Michael Hill, Diane Foreman, and even Richard Branson has agreed to take part.

Jake has already created and sold the website called Oompher, and has an amazing collection of business contacts at the ripe old age of 20.

He began his business career at the age of seven, selling magnets outside a Greymoth supermarket.

Jake says his entrepreneurial endeavours were influenced by a meeting with the Prime Minister.

After Jake's father Rod died in the fox Glacier plane crash, he wrote to John Key thanking him for visiting the crash site.

Key wrote back saying he wanted to have lunch.

"John Key really opened my eyes and made me want to get out there and give it a go."

Jake says he finds motivation in accepting that some things cannot be controlled in life.

"You can't control whether you get cancer but you can control what you are doing right now."

He was offered a law scholarship at the end of 2013 but decided to follow his business ideas instead. His careers and motivational website Oompher launched in July 2014.

Jake had the idea for Oompher after finishing school and realising careers advice was only available through university pamphlets. He sold the site to Careers NZ in May this year.


Unfiltered is an exclusive business education platform dedicated to helping business grow.

It offers interviews and advice from well-known and successful entrepreneurs.

Member of the site are able to pitch their business ideas online which get put in front of people like Julie Christie, Eric Watson and Sir George Fistonich.

Jake has set up a studio in Mt Albert to produce the interviews.

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