2015's healthy food naughty and nice list

  • 14/12/2015
2015's healthy food naughty and nice list

Every year, the Healthy Food Guide takes nominations from readers about their favourite healthy foods of the year and the food that should be added to the Hall of Shame.

Among those on this year's nice list are gluten-free Weetbix and Watties tomato sauce with 50 percent less sugar.

But those on the naughty list include the e2 energy fruit drink which disguises itself and "will possibly make you think that it's slightly better than a fizzy drink," editor Niki Bezzant told the Paul Henry programme this morning.

While it isn't illegal to call the beverage a "fruit drink", it is mostly sugar syrup she says.

She says the drink has 5 percent fruit juice and has nearly 20 teaspoons of sugar per bottle.

"It's more about us being more aware," Ms Bezzant said. 

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