Auckland housing changes need iwi's nod

Auckland housing changes need iwi's nod

If you are in Auckland and thinking of buying a house, you will want to watch this story or if you are somewhere else in New Zealand and like to indulge in a bit of schadenfreude in regards to the Auckland housing market, you will also want to know this.

New rules mean thousands of houses in Auckland City will need permission from an iwi to make big changes.

One house for sale with four bedrooms, three bathrooms and two garages would have to consult up to thirteen different iwi.

Anything which requires a resource consent would have to go through the council and then to iwi.

This is because the house next door is culturally significant and may include a burial site.

Due to this burial site, any house within 100m needs iwi approval for structural changes which affects around 40 properties.

Story went to investigate these new rules which may affect more than 13,000 properties around the city.

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