How to have a life after kids

  • 03/12/2015
Jacqui Lockington (Paul Henry)
Jacqui Lockington (Paul Henry)

How do you maintain your life after having kids?

Author and parenting guru Jacqui Lockington joined Paul Henry to give her top tips.

1.            Get your network sorted.

Create a network of like-minded friends who are going through the same thing.

Get grandparents to help.

2.            Embrace Parenthood and your new life.

Realise that you can no longer 'pop' anywhere for milk as it'll take you 2 hours to get out the door.

Supermarket shopping with kids is a whole different world.

There's no such thing as WonderMum.

3.            Take Time out for you.

Make an effort with your appearance - have a shower for god's sake.

Make yourself do one thing a day that floats your boat.

Reduce your To Do list - do you really have to do that today?

4.            Keep the love alive.

You're a team and you're on the same side - act like it.

Stop what you're doing when your partner comes home and focus on him/her and ask him/her about their day.

Keep things sweet between the sheets.

5.            Create a calm home environment.

Switch off the TV.

Don't let the toys take over the whole place.

Be organised and become an early riser.

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