Huge discovery on the horizon for Egypt

  • 07/12/2015
Tony Spalinger (Paul Henry)
Tony Spalinger (Paul Henry)

One of the biggest finds in Ancient Egypt may be just around the corner.

Archaeologists are almost certain that there is a chamber behind a wall in King Tutankhamun's tomb, they have theorised that it is Nefertiti.

They went to another tomb, and did an x-ray type scan knowing what was behind that wall.  

And then repeated the process in Tut's tomb, revealing another chamber.

One of the reasons that they looked in the first place was that Tut's tomb was much smaller than other male king tombs - more like the size of a female’s tomb.

University of Auckland Egyptologist Tony Spalinger joined Paul Henry to discuss the discovery.

He says it's not a question of if there is a tomb, the key is who is in there.

The debate about it being Nefertiti has emerged because she has never been found.

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