'I've got 99 problems but this ditch ain't one'

'I've got 99 problems but this ditch ain't one'

Every year, somewhere in the world, Ford shows off a new vehicle to international journalists and content creators.

They could have chosen Myanmar, the Philippines, West Coast of the US or Australia, but instead, they chose Minaret Station near Wanaka.

They might have chosen Wanaka for two reasons. Firstly, the Ford Ranger is the biggest selling car in New Zealand and secondly, Minaret Station boasts 20,000 acres of the most stunning scenery and is only accessible via helicopter or a barge.

It's being shown off to people with a combined audience of more than half a billion, including Australian YouTube stars Marty and Moog and presenters from the Philippines' Top Gear.

Story was invited along to the event where Minaret takes New Zealand's renowned beauty to the next level, and overseas guests get to see just how challenging the Kiwi terrain can be.

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