Marty and Moog drive off-road for the first time

Marty and Moog drive off-road for the first time

Some of the world’s top motoring journalists and content creators have been in New Zealand experiencing fearsome terrain that only kiwi farmers would normally dare try.

They were here courtesy of Ford, who had flown in a select group of guests to try out the new Ford Ranger at remote Minaret Station, near Wanaka.

Together, they have a potential audience of around half a billion people.

Among the group were Australian YouTube stars Marty and Moog. Their YouTube channel, Mighty Car Mods, regularly attracts millions of viewers.

Despite creating videos based solely around cars, they’d never taken a vehicle off road before.

They spoke to Story about their impressions of New Zealand, learning how to drive off-road and being scared to death by the Wanaka scenery.

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