McRoberts and SBW bring light to refugee crisis

  • 09/12/2015
Mike McRoberts (3 News)
Mike McRoberts (3 News)

Mike McRoberts and All Black Sonny Bill Williams are in Lebanon with Unicef to raise awareness of the refugee crisis.

They’re visiting camps, temporary shelters and spending time with children in settlements.

Mr McRoberts joined Paul Henry to talk about the trip.

Lebanon shares a border with Syria and 1.2 million refugees have fled into the country in the five years since the conflict began.

The pair have been seeing the effects of that flood of refugees into Lebanon and the difficulties that’s posing.

The population has grown by a fifth in the last couple of years – putting huge pressure on infrastructure and public schools. It’s creating resentment and friction.

It’s estimated that 75,000 young men are at risk when it comes to being recruited by rebel groups. The problem is they have no way of making any money so they get offered the chance to join the fight and become part of the problem.

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