SBW: "It's a sad world we're living in at the moment"

SBW: "It's a sad world we're living in at the moment"

In our second story with Sonny Bill Williams at a Syrian refugee camp in Lebanon, he meets young boys lining up for polio vaccinations.

Being a part of UNICEF's temporary settlement, it means their families get free medical care. It's a basic service but it means avoiding an over-burdened public health system or the cost of private care.

Only 20 percent of Syrian refugee children have access to this kind of resource and the rest, who are predominately in urban areas, go unattended.

The older children know all too well what they have lost to this war.

As Williams talks to the teenage boys, it is clear it's not the possessions they miss most but education and the chance to earn a living.

The Lebanese government does not officially acknowledge the refugees so they cannot get proper employment.

They are forced to take a lower pay and under-the-table jobs.

Story was with Williams as he faced this confronting situation and spoke to the young men who are feared to be prime targets for rebel recruiters who offer payment to their families for their sons to fight in Syria.

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