School tackles sexting head-on

School tackles sexting head-on

If you don't think sexting is happening at your child's school, you might have to think again.

A Feilding principal has angered parents after tackling sexting in his school head-on.

Roger Menzies called an assembly after a group of boys were caught sending around naked photos of one of the female students and labelled their behaviour as "disgusting" and called them predators.

His aim was to warn some of his male students about sharing explicit pictures of their ex-girlfriends on their phones and social media.

You could argue he had good reason and wanted to put a stop to the kind of behaviour plenty of Kiwi teenagers are getting up to.

So where do the boundaries lie in 2015?

Story went to find out whether this is the case and what parents, teachers and schools can do about it.

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