The tiny homes causing a big fuss

The tiny homes causing a big fuss

Most people would laugh if you asked them to back their house down a driveway but if you owned a tiny house, you could.

The tiny dwellings are a combination of simple and sustainable living and they are growing in popularity around the world.

Briar Hale is an owner of a tiny house and believes it fits with her own values. She is not tied to a huge mortgage and she has a beautiful home she would otherwise not be able to afford if she was in the regular housing market.

Builder Jeff Hobbs had never built a house before but turned out furniture, tables, chairs and cabinets for years and he's also tried boat building.

He viewed the tiny house movement as an opportunity to try out his skills but also address the ever-increasing cost of housing.

Story went to see the tiny houses making a big splash and proving to be a winner.

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