The tiny homes growing in popularity

The tiny homes growing in popularity

The tiny house movement is big, and it’s growing in popularity. The idea is to pack as much as you can in as small a space as possible, without sacrificing aesthetics and enjoyment. Many tiny houses are the size of an average lounge. Far from being restrictive, though, the folks behind them have been incredibly creative in how best to utilise those spaces.

Besides being small, many tiny houses use solar power, composting toilets, and water collection systems, meaning they’re not only smaller, but kinder to the environment and cheaper to run than a regular-sized home.

While some tiny houses are permanent, many are portable or even built on trailers with wheels, meaning that if you ever get sick of the view, another one is only a journey away.

Here are a few examples of tiny houses from around the world. I think they’re stunning in their quality and creativity. What do you think?

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