Top tips for unwanted Christmas gifts

  • 16/12/2015
Sue Chetwin (Paul Henry)
Sue Chetwin (Paul Henry)

Consumer NZ’s Sue Chetwin joined Ali Mau to talk about how you can return unwanted Christmas gifts.

Once a sale is made, retailers don’t have to take the item back just because someone doesn’t like it or it doesn’t fit. However, at Christmas retailers are usually more benevolent.

Ask for an exchange card, the shop isn’t obliged to provide you with one but many do, which helps take off the pressure.

Some will let you take items back if you keep the receipt and the items are still in the original packaging.

Some have a no questions asked exchange policy – this means you’ll get a credit note to swap for something else in the store.

Otherwise just ask – but it’s better to sort it out before rather than leave it to the recipient.

If you get a gift card – use it or lose it. They generally have time limits. The shop is not obliged to accept it once time limit gone. You also want to use it just in case the store goes bust.

Avoid extended warranties if you’re buying gifts. You are already covered by the Consumer Guarantees Act. If the gift is faulty you have the same protection as if the item was for yourself.

Buying online – make sure the gift will get there on time particularly if buying from overseas. Check the site is secure and legitimate (look for a street address), check returns policy. Read your bank statements after Christmas to make sure you haven’t been charged too much. Pay with credit or debit cards.

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