Could this become Australia's new flag?

  • 27/01/2016
Southern Horizon flag (RadioLive)
Southern Horizon flag (RadioLive)

Flag change fever might have spread across the Tasman.

A new poll from an Australian university shows backing for a new flag.

More than 8000 people responded to a Western Sydney University poll that put forward six alternative designs, The Guardian reported.

The poll showed 64 percent expressed a desire to change the flag with a design called Southern Horizon coming out on top.

The design, with a 31 percent backing, features the Southern Cross and Commonwealth star on a blue background with green and gold waves.

Second place went to the Reconciliation flag design, which incorporates the colours of the indigenous Australian flag and an indigenous-inspired star.

The discussion of a new flag is a timely one with New Zealand gearing up for the final referendum in March where our current flag will be up against the Silver Fern design.

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